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The Pleurotus Eryngii, commonly known as Cardoporcino
or Cardoncello, is a wild mushroom found in and around
the Mediterranean region and other areas of Italy.

In Roman times it was valued for its
supernatural powers while in the Mediaeval
and Renaissance periods, whilst appreciated
for its delicious flavour, it was considered to
be an aphrodisiac and was believed to lead
pilgrims to sexual distraction and gluttony
and so was consequently registered in the
Holy Office Index in Rome.

Meaty, with a delicate flavour, the particular texture of this mushroom
means it can be prepared in a variety of ways. It is excellent preserved in
oil, grilled, raw in salads or sautéed and used in a sauce which can be
served as a first course or as a side dish.
It has been chosen Michelin‐ starred restaurants for the creation of
traditional recipes such as the classic Piemontese “Finanziera”.

The strain of mushrooms we use are selected and chosen in Italy. The
Cumiana Cardoporcino and Cardoncello are cultivated in a pilot company
with chosen and developed technologies, inaugurating a new production
method that allows us to obtain a healthy, clean mushroom without the
use of pesticides and preservatives.
An attentive and widespread organization supports a program for the
dissemination and promotion of the Cumiana Cardoncello and
Cardoporcino in new markets, both at home and abroad.
Moreover, with techniques developed over the last few years and without
altering the natural conditions of the territory, we have made the Cumiana
Cardoncello and Cardoporcino not only a seasonal mushroom but one
that is available, fresh, throughout the year.

This mushroom is particularly indicated in cardiovascular diseases, it
has hypocholesterolizing, immunomudulic and antiosteoporotic
properties: important nutritional and therapeutic qualities. An important
source of dietary fibre and protein with a reduced lipid content it contains
high levels of vitamins B12, B2 and B7. These qualitative aspects have
made this mushroom particularly sought after, not only privately but also

The cultivation sites are powered by a photovoltaic system divided
into three sections, using Italian components. At the end of the
production cycle the completely natural substrate, rich in nitrogen and
free of any chemical substance, is reused in other agricultural production.

Technical Data

Scientific name: Pleurotus Eryngii
Commercial name: Cardoporcino of Cumiana, Cardoncello of
Source zone: Italy
General features: fresh mushrooms, cultivated in fresh soil,
healthy, clean, free of foreign flavours and
smells, free of pesticides and preservatives
Label data: manufacturer’s indication, product name,
origin, production lotConservation: the packages must be stored at 2° / ‘5°, the cold
chain should not be interrupted. The mushroom
is preserved 15 days from the date of delivery.

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